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Lisa Engel - GlassAngel Fused Artist
Lisa Engel - GlassAngel Fused Artist

Welcome to the GlassAngel website.  I’m Lisa Engel, a fused glass artist in Los Angeles, California.  The name of my business reflects my Czech and German roots:  Engel means Angel in German.

Each item that I create is a unique handcrafted art piece, designed and fused in my studio in Los Angeles, California. My work is inspired by my love of light and the way it interacts with glass. I am particularly fond of cobalt glass, and I can’t resist the shiny and reflective qualities of iridized and dichroic glass.

Fused glass is a technique that can be used to create multiple glass layers, each adding substance and influencing the other layers.  This gives me the ability to play with light through the different depths, textures, colors and qualities of glass.  Fused glass usually requires multiple kiln firings in order to achieve its unique layered look, so each finished piece represents an investment of hours of cutting, shaping and firing.

I love crafting fused glass art that is designed to be used with candles, because the fickle flame casts ever-changing light on the reflecting glass.  I am Jewish, so I understand well the keepsake value of menorahs and other Judaica that can be handed down through generations and can help the family enjoy the holidays over many years to come.  I imagine that the menorahs I craft hold a future of flickering lights that highlight the different angles and colors of the glass, to help families enjoy and celebrate the holiday of lights.

In addition to Judaica, my work includes functional art such as serving platters and bowls, as well as larger pieces of adornment art for your home. You are invited to browse samples of my artwork on the Gallery page.  If you want to purchase any of my work, please see my Amazon Handmade page at:


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Lisa Engel - GlassAngel Fused Glass Artist