Patchwork Iridescent Cobalt Blue Chopstix Menorah

This work is a prime example of several of Lisa’s preferred elements and innovations.  It is a large menorah in cobalt blue “chopstix” glass that has been pieced together in a contrasting patchwork, much like a quilt, and layered to achieve an iridescent effect that will reflect lit candles in a fascinating pattern.  The candle cups are set in a straight pattern, a classic design for a menorah, which contrasts with the wave-shaped back that Lisa favored for many of her large menorahs.  As more candles are lit each succeeding night of Chanukah, the varying distance of the candles from the iridescent back will display noticeably different reflections.  The shamash candle is set onto a simple cobalt blue pebble of glass, blending into the blue field of the base as if rising from a deep sea.